VULKIN Kayak Carrier and Cover

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Reduce the struggle of carrying your own kayak with the VULKIN Kayak Carrier and Cover. This cover is designed not only to store, but with its adjustable sling you can now carry your kayak to the water over your shoulder. The VULKIN Kayak Carrier and Cover is a unique and original design that allows you to cover your kayak, buckle the straps, and then singlehandedly carry it to water or throw over a hook to store until your next kayak adventure. It also come with a lightweight drawstring bag to store the cover neatly tucked away on your kayak until you return to shore.

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VULKIN Kayak Carrier and Cover

2 reviews for VULKIN Kayak Carrier and Cover

  1. Cobus Bester

    Simple and effective design. One of my favorites.

  2. Doug Rowan

    I bought one of these last year for my wilderness systems Pungo 120. It is absolutely amazing. The material is tough, heavy sorry sticking and even heavier straps. I could carry my kayak with this over one shoulder! Coming back now too order for a second kayak. Used this to store my kayak over winter.

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